Janver, Inc. provides the following EEO services:

  • EEO Consultation & Technical Assistance – assist agencies to sharply reduce instances of discrimination by conducting EEO compliance reviews, evaluating personnel practices, and reviewing compliance policies with appropriate employment laws.
  • Facilitation – assist agencies by proceeding impartially to resolve disputes though sharing pertinent information with parties to the dispute(s) and insuring disputants adherence to relevant procedural processes.
  • Complaint and Sexual Harassment Investigation –  thoroughly investigate allegations of sexually harassment in accordance with procedure dealing with unwanted sexual solicitation.
  • Fact Finding – facilitate a non-adversarial fact-finding conference to clarify issues; obtain evidence to determine if a concern requires resolution, settlement, or investigation.
  • Mediation/Alternate Dispute Resolution – function as an impartial neutral party to assist disputants in reaching a settlement agreement.
  • EEO Counseling – conduct an informal inquiry into an alleged complaint of discrimination aimed at timely resolving the matter at the lowest management level.
  • EEO Investigation – investigate objectively through fact gathering; interview complainant, management officials, witnesses; obtain and review pertinent documents; prepare a formal complaint of EEO discrimination (if applicable).
  • Final Agency Decisions – prepare Agency’s final action on a formal complaint of discrimination after thoroughly reviewing and analyzing the report of EEO investigation and applying appropriate case law.
  • EEO Training – train employees, supervisors, managers in EEO law and procedures aimed at reducing EEO complaints. (A complete list of training offerings can be found here.)

For further information regarding the services provided by Janver, Inc., please contact us.